Network Policy


  • AccessIRC will strive to provide a user oriented chat network. We provide servers and services for the users on our network, and our responsibility is to them.
  • AccessIRC will work towards educating its opers/admins and its user base. An educated oper/admin and user is a better oper/admin or user.
  • AccessIRC will strive to allow users to run their own chat channels without interference from our opers/admin. AccessIRC will only step in when behavior damages AccessIRC and requires action to protect its users and or services.
  • AccessIRC will use the least amount of action needed to resolve an issue. We will make all reasonable attempts to work with a user before we remove them from the network.

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.Howard W. Newton



  • No one is required to attend meetings, all meetings are voluntary and open to the public of AccessIRC.
  • There must be at least 48 hours notice (through channel topics and e-mail notification) before a meeting takes place.
  • Agenda items for the meeting will be posted either in email and or on the website 48 hours before the meeting is to take place.
  • Meeting logs will be posted on the AccessIRC website for all to view.


  • Votes must take place during an open meeting, or upon oper/admin agreement via a webvote.
  • A minimum of 33% or 15 votes (which ever is the least) must be in attendance before a vote can be held on a topic. This includes proxy and absentee votes.
  • All global opers have one vote.
  • All server admins have two votes
  • A co admin gets 2 votes. Co admins can be chosen from a CURRENT global oper on the network. (every current co would be grandfathered in)
  • All founders have two votes. (regardless of any other status on the net)
  • Proxy (either using someone as a representative or as an agent of the absent Oper/Admin/Founder) votes are allowed, but must be announced at the beginning of the meeting.
  • All absentee votes must be turned in to the operlist before the meeting starts.
  • Opers/Admin/Founders must be present for the opening of a topic in order to place a vote on that topic durring the meeting. The Oper/Admin/Founder may choose to use proxy or absentee votes if they are unable to attend the meeting.
  • Votes that end in a tie will then be opened up to the users in attendance of the meeting to break the tie. All users will cary a single vote for the purpose of breaking a tie.


Services Requirements:

  • Any services added to the net which allow client kills or bans from the net through them will require a reason to be given with the kill or ban.
  • Services must also allow a way for their usage to be monitored by admins and opers to insure that they arent being misused.

Adding New Services:

  • No new services will be added to the net without a majority vote by the server admins and the global opers.


Linking A Server:

  • Prior to linking a server, the Admin, Co-Admin and Opers of prospective servers shall be present on the network for AT LEAST 30 DAYS, with registered nicks, so they may be evaluated by the Administration Staff. Or The potential admin have two referals from Admins of non testlinked servers.
  • Server applications need to be filled out and sent in for each server that wishes to link with AccessIRC.
  • 1 Mbit minimum up / down is required to link to AccessIRC.
  • AccessIRC opers and admins will vote on the server within two weeks of receiving the application.
  • Any server voted in will go through a test server phase of 90 days, in which for the first 45 days it will be allowed its Admin and coadmin as global opers. All other opers need to be local until after the first 45 days. There will be no admin access of services given for the first 45 days. Following the the initial 45 day period the server will go through a 45 day period in which it can have full global opers with full access to services and the admin of the server will be given admin access to services. The server will still be considered linked on a probationary basis during the second 45 days.
  • When a server links it will be allowed its admin, its coadmin, 2 globals (which will be locals until the first 45 day period is over) and two locals. After that each oper added to the server will be added following the rules normally set down for adding opers per server and oper policy.
  • Admins who have delinked (full link for atleast 1 year, not gone for more than 6 months) and returned retain their Services access, when relinking but will still have to take the oper test.
  • If for some reason, the linking server must be moved to another computer the server will restart the testlink period. The admins/opers will continue (minus days gone) from the date of the original servers linking.
  • Servers must be set to allow clients to join 25 channels. (no more, no less)
  • Servers must have a valid email listed for the admin of the server in their A line.
  • Servers must be running the latest working version of the AccessIRC IRCD.
  • Any server that remains split from the network for more than 24 hours will be removed from the roundrobbin.
  • When a new server is linked to AccessIRC, the routing committee will notify the server administrator as to which hub they should connect their server to. This will be said servers primary C/N lines. In the event that the hub in which the server is connected to experiences connectivity issues, the server admin will then connect the server to a secondary hub.
    • Any server that does not follow these guidelines will be brought up in the discussion at the weekly AccessIRC network meeting. Opers/Admins will discuss and vote on actions to be placed against the server, possibly leading to a de-link.

MOTD Policy:

  • Each server is required to advertise the help channel (#Services) and #accessirc in their motds.
  • Each server is required to provide the email contacts for the server admin and an email address where reports of abuse can be sent.
  • Each server is required to post the email address to report abuse to ( and the abuse committees channel (#Abuse)

Server Jupes:

  • When a server is juped from the network the admins of the network are required to use all possible means within reason to inform the server admin and or the server co-admin that the jupe took place and the reason/s that it was done, along with any possible fixes for the problem/s so that the server can be relinked as soon as possible to the network.
  • If a server is juped from the network, all admins and opers of the network will be informed of the reason the server was juped.

Placing G-lines:

  • Temporary network bans can be placed for the following:
  • One word CTCP VERSION replies.
  • The spread of a virus with an unwillingness to cooperate in stopping the virus from spreading to other clients.
  • Attacks on a server or the network services that cause harm to the net. (example: sending enough data to cause another user to lag)
  • IRC ORKs
  • Non-Chat-Clients. Definitions:
    • (-) Excluded are Channel control and fun bots, which cause no harm to the channel and/or the network (bots like eggdrop, dancer, infobot, etc)
    • (+) Concerned are clients which dont show that they use IRC and/or which network at all.
    • (+) Concerned are clients which have no function to talk to other people on the network beside people with the same client.
    • (+) Concerned are clients which main purpose is file sharing, even if there is a small function to enable chat (to bypass many rules)
  • Glines will NOT be placed for the following:
    • Anything that can be can be solved with the use of the /ignore command.
    • Anything that can be solved with the use of simple ChanServ/NickServ commands. (ie: channel take overs, the attempt to steal a nickname)
    • Anything not stated in policy as a valid reason for a gline (klines for personal reasons are not acceptable).
  • If attempts at curbing behavior contradictory to this policy are unsuccessful either by abuse committee intervention or AccessIRC staff intervention, the client connection breaking this policy will be disconnected from this network in the form of a kill. Up to but not limited to 3 kills (or chances).

Oper Count For Each Server*:

  • Each server will keep its number of global opers limited to 1 global oper per 5 user (based on an average user count) until the server has 10 global opers. When the server attains 10 global opers, a ratio of 1 global oper per 10 users will go into effect.
  • The admin and coadmin of the server dont count towards the oper user ratio, and the server is allowed up to but not to exceed 3 global opers no matter what their user count to insure the server is well manned (this is not a requirement to have 3 global opers, only the ability to add that many if the admin so wishes).
  • A server may add locals without consulting the other admin or opers on the network.
  • *This goes into effect only after the server has passed the first 45 days of the trial link period.



  • Opers will not use their IRCop privileges when dealing with non policy violations in their own private channels.
  • All kill msgs must clearly state a valid reason for the kill so its apparent to all why the person was removed from the net. This includes kills of other opers which should clearly state that it is a vanity kill or a congratulations kill.
  • Opers will NOT kill another oper on the request of a user.
  • No vanity kills of users. There must be a valid reason (ie: flooding, spaming, etc) to kill a user.
  • Opers are allowed 2 back up O lines on servers other than their primary server.
  • The net reserves the right to remove any O line/s for an oper with a majority vote by server admins, founders, and global opers.

Founder Admin/Oper Status:

  • Any admin who has had a server connected for a year or more can retain their voting privileges and access to the administration channel for the network if for some reason their server is delinked. (except in the case of a jupe of the server due to policy violations)
  • Any IRCop who has maintained a global O line for over a year on the network can retain their voting privileges and access to the administration channel for the network if for some reason the server their primary O line is on is taken down or delinked. (In case the O: line is removed for abuse the oper wont gain fellowship)
  • If an abuse report is filed against a fellow, and that abuse report is found by the committe heads to be abuse, the Fellows fellowship is removed.


AccessIRC Acceptable Use Policy
WhosWho Page:

  • All members of the Whos Who page must have registered nicknames.
  • AccessIRC will lightly moderate the content of the Whos Who page entries in order to protect the integrity of AccessIRC.



  • Bandwidth is sexy.
  • 1 Mbit minimum up / down is required to link to AccessIRC.


  • Committee Heads / (Vice-)Secretaries do not get special rights in #accessirc, #services and the administration channel. (Exception: CS Committee Head in #services)
  • #services, #accessirc and the administration channel are owned by a defined service and not one oper.
  • The following op structure shall be used in #accessirc:
    • Server (Co)Admins: SOP
    • Global Opers: AOP
    • Local Opers/Fellows: HOP
  • The following op structure shall be used in #services:
    • Server (Co)Admins, Global Opers, Local Opers, CS committee head: SOP
    • CS Team Leader: AOP
    • Fellows, CS Team Members: HOP
    • CS Trainee: VOP
  • Every Person who has access to the adminstration channel shall be SOP on that channel.
  • Only Hub-Adminstrators shall have super-user access on services (beside the services root)